Terms and rules

Rules in W198 Casino

-For sign up registration, members are agreed and to follow our set rules in W198.

-For member’s own ID and password must be secured by their own and not to be shared with others.

-Every member should have registered their own active bank account number and mobile contact number. If you need to change it, please verify yourself with our Customer support team to edit it.

-Minimum deposit RM10

-Minimum withdrawal RM50

-For users who deposit or withdraw using a bank account which is not registered with your ID without notifying our Customer Support will be suspended or invalid.

-Any transfer to our invalid or unavailable bank account will not be processed, please kindly check for the active deposit bank account from us before proceeding for deposit.

-Deposit and withdrawal will be processed 24/7 with availability of online banking operation time ONLY. (Please be minded not to transfer within bank maintenance time to avoid any delay)

-Maximum of 5 times withdrawal per day for every single member.

-For every deposit, please use instant transfer so that we can process your deposit without any delay. (For IBG transfer, we will need time to let the bank process your deposit and your credit will ONLY deposit to your account after the transfer has been successfully debited into our available bank account.)

-NO CANCELLATION for every successful bet.